Fashionable Moms

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hey tootsies!
Three of my favorite style-icons are celebrity-moms, and today I would like to honor their amazing style. All three got this really cool and chic Hollywood-Boheme style going on.


The famous celebrity stylist who always looks amazing. Actually, I think I’ve never seen a bad picture of Rachel Zoe.
Her fine use of accessory like high heels, bracelets and super-cool sunglasses, always brings her outfit to perfection. Her everyday look is a little Boheme-inspired, with her slightly curled hair and gold accessory.
On the red carpet, her use of fabulous shoes and accessory matched with amazing dresses, makes her look so incredible expensive  and Hollywood-chic. I love her use of slightly over sized sequin dresses, making the sexiness left to the imagination.


With her laid back Hollywood-Boheme look, Nicole is one of my favorite style icons at the moment. I love her use of jeans-shorts and over sized t-shirts paired with a incredible scarf or amazing accessory. Her “dressed-up-style”  is similar to the celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. Comparing slightly over sized dresses with amazing accessories and shoes. I love the look where she also reviles a little piece of skin, like a low-cut back or a deep neckline.















Tori Spelling seems like the ultimate mom, and I love her laid back chic-Boheme style. Like Nicole Richie, she pairs  the laid back jeans shorts with loose tops and stylish sunglasses. She also got this laid back Boheme hairstyle and amazing accessory. Tori Spelling is not that similar in style as Nicole and Rachel when she’s dressing up. Her dresses are often colorful and form-fitting, but I love her regardless.


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